A Commentary On “‘Premium Coach’ Gets Popular”

I had the worst flight of my life 2 summers ago on United Airlines from London to the U.S. I paid hugely for the upgraded economy seat in the bulkhead. I was placed next to a yawling, screaming 3 month old baby for over 9 hours!!!! The child did not calm down for 1 minute. The plane was full, no extra seats. I immediately emailed United on my return and frankly, expecting a 2012 tax refund calculator of at least the upgrade portion. No such luck, United never even Read More

My View On “Review & Outlook: The Gang of Six Play”

I agree that the mortgage deduction should be limited because the current deduction limiting to $1MM lets the poorer south and midwest families subsidize the wealthier northeast and west. For example, assuming a family tax credit in southern Missouri gross income is $75,000 per year, having a mortgage of 100,000 with mortgage interest of 8,000. The Missouri family's taxable income, not counting other deductions, would be $67,000. A similar family of $75,000 income Read More

Thoughts On “Putting a Price on Professors”

Thank you, Mr. Heinzen, for an awfully well-thought-out series of posts. Unfortunately, your thoughts are too deep for bean counters, administrators who have ascended to their level of incompetence via the Peter Principle, and clueless irs tax calculatorpayers (who can't remember what some jacka$$ politician said/promised to them last week) to appreciate. If taxpayers really think that they're not getting their money's worth out of public higher education, by all Read More

Some Thoughts On “Putting a Price on Professors”

Since Mr. Reddy is not responding, may be I can explain what I understood. Let us say the faculty chose to inflate grades. Instead of grading students on a 1.0 to 4.0.scale, let us say the faculty start bumping up the grades so much that students grades are only in the range of 3.0 to 4.0. The previous mean is ( 1+ 4) /2 = 2.5. With grade inflation the new mean is (3+4)/2 = 3.5. The best student will still have grade that is higher than everyone else. The lowest Read More

Commentary On “ADM Profit Falls 15% on Higher Taxes”

This is a confusing company. I read their 10K and 10Qs and analyst reports and it's still not clear what trends benefit the company. There are way too many variables here. Weather on two continents. Corn prices. Soy bean and cocoa prices. Gasoline prices. Interest rates (capital intensive business -- lots of working tax credits capital needed). All manner of credits and mandates around ethanol in the U.S. And a 50% effective tax rate??? I got into the common via Read More

Opinion On “The ‘Jim Crow’ Lie”

And the reason we have to show ID for all of these things is that there are more and more people who are willing to commit fraud and tax id numberentify theft to get what they want - why would anyone think politics and voting would be any different? Here's a simple test - do a study in two similar locations, say Chicago and Washington DC, - in one place implement voter ID and track how many people are turned away because they do not have an ID (not because they Read More

Opinion On “Harvey Silverglate: Yes Means Yes—Except on Campus”

Edrie gets it right, When women drink they risk waking up in the morning with some sob having slipped her rophynol etc so they could have sex. Most guys how much tax do i payn't need to worry about that unless they are in prison. Sorry, I have a teenage daughter and I listen to the way the young men talk about them at school and events. They look at girls as disposable semen receptacles. They are mostly spoiled little pigs who need to be horsewhipped and I would Read More

My Analysis On “Stephen Moore: Warren Buffett Is Wrong on Taxes”

While the corporate tax and IRS arguments do have some bearing on the issue discussed, neither are addressing the issue of wealth. The address the issue of income which is not a good judge of wealth. The wealthy have the where-with-all how to calculate income tax reduce their income footprint long before the tax man gets to them. The persons living on a visible income stream do not have these advantages anbd therefore cannot shield the same percentage of income Read More

My Analysis On “GOP Balks at Taxes to Finance Jobs Plan”

Eliminating itemized deductions ... isn't that EXACTLY what the Alternative Minimum Tax already does? Does Obama think he's going to produce $400Bn of revenue on the 7% tax deductions 2012-rate differential on those very few deductions that remain after AMT, like charitable contributions? Or is he double counting the AMT and his new plan? Well, $400Bbn is more than all charitable contributions in the US. So 7% of that isn't going to produce $400Bn. Where is the Read More

My Analysis On “Amazon Battles States Over Sales Tax”

10 bwhen will i get my tax refundllion dollars in uncollected use taxes, 200 million adults, so we each owe about $50. States should use drivers license info and add an annual $50 internet use tax fee. So every four years your drivers license costs $200 more. You would then have to show all of your credit card statements to the state for the last four years to prove you didn't owe that much, plus you have to pay for the credit check to determine which cards are Read More